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Katy Tulloch T-Shirt

  • Designer: Katy Tulloch

    Katy Tulloch is an undergraduate at The University of Edinburgh studying History and Fine Art. Her practice is intermedial as she loves experimenting with recycled materials to give them a new creative life. One of her first loves in art was the use of ink: a biro pen to create simple but effective pieces in monochrome. Inspired by OMOs minimalist themes and sustainable focus, Katy has returned to her purest art practice in the featured design. This is her first plant observation of a Monstera leaf as it connotes nature in a beautiful form.

    Katy fully believes in the effectiveness of forming art for charitable purposes, exampled when co-curating an exhibition this February showcasing her own work, alongside selected artists from GSA and ECA she raised over £1,000 for Edinburgh Women’s Aid.

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