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In our latest collection, OMO is showcasing the designs of talented young creatives, offering eclectic and fashionable designs produced by up and coming artists. Through this collection, OMO strives to improve inclusion, providing a platform for young designers whilst supporting the wellbeing of people and the environment. 

100% of the net profits raised from this collection will be donated to Global’s Make Some Noise, who support small charities and help disadvantaged people across the UK.





Max is an industrial Designer at London based firm PriestmanGoode who is hoping to earn his degree in Industrial Design from Loughborough University in 2023. The design for the t-shirt came from his interpretation of the organic movement of the ocean waves using an array of lines that work together to symbolise this movement whilst also drawing inspiration from some contemporary graphic design trends.





Kinga is an eighteen year old student at Global Academy, working part-time in a cafe where she met the man depicted in her drawing. Her conversation with this customer inspired her to think about the way we each carry a lifetime of stories, that shape who we are today; Kinga captured this moment with the customer and froze it in time.




Nele is a Barcelona-based designer from Antwerp. Moving away from the norms of graphic design towards an artistic practice guided by the idea of “Form Follows Feeling”, she finds herself in an explorative process to discover what is next in store for her. “Trail & Error” is a project that came to life through the conversations the artist had over the phone with her younger sister. After the death of their mother and the subsequent beginning of the pandemic, a lurking depression made them grow apart to eventually allow them to grow closer together. Through the project, the artist seeks to reintroduce gentleness into their lives, using visuals that express both chaos and order. With exploration and courage as its central themes, the work is about allowing ourselves to make mistakes along the path we choose to follow.





Omer is an Israeli artist, based in London. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, in 2011, where he received a B.A. in visual communication, and became a Graphic designer focusing on branding for companies, startups and culture institutions. Graduated his M.A. in Design Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths University of London (2022), focusing on fine art photography.


In his practice Omer aspires to explore the human body in relation to itself, others and their surroundings. As part of his visual exploration, Gaash creates patterns structured with the human body addressing them as shapes to what he calls "NudeTextures". Omer strongly feels that his work is beyond the glorification of the human body; it is a quest to complement both the place and the body as a symbiotic system.




Sabrina is a painter and animator based in London. In 2021 she graduated in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University of London. Language and gesture colour her work, which draws on hand-painted animation and oil painting to express the physicality of her own personal relationships and communities. Rosenheim has been selected for the RBA Rising Stars 2022 and was also shortlisted for the 2022 Rome Scholarship. The piece, ‘Thais and Candy’, employs a light touch in oil, making use of expansive negative space to capture the fleeting transience of a fading recollection.




Milly is an Art History student at the University of St Andrews with a background in graphics and photography. This tiger design celebrates the animal whilst drawing attention to its threatened status as an endangered species. 2022 is also the Year of the Tiger, with its symbol often being worn to bring good luck.




Katy is an undergraduate at The University of Edinburgh studying History and Fine Art. Her practice is intermedial as she loves experimenting with recycled materials to give them a new creative life. One of her first loves in art was the use of ink: a biro pen to create simple but effective pieces in monochrome. Inspired by OMOs minimalist themes and sustainable focus, Katy has returned to her purest art practice in the featured design. This is her first plant observation of a Monstera leaf as it connotes nature in a beautiful form. Katy fully believes in the effectiveness of forming art for charitable purposes, exampled when co-curating an exhibition this February showcasing her own work, alongside selected artists from GSA and ECA she raised over £1,000 for Edinburgh Women’s Aid.


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