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Nele Kempenaers T-Shirt

  • Designer: Nele Kempenaers

    Nele Kempenaers is a Barcelona-based designer from Antwerp. Moving away from the norms of graphic design towards an artistic practice guided by the idea of “Form Follows Feeling”, she finds herself in an explorative process to discover what is next in store for her.

    “Trail & Error” is a project that came to life through the conversations the artist had over the phone with her younger sister. After the death of their mother and the subsequent beginning of the pandemic, a lurking depression made them grow apart to eventually allow them to grow closer together. Through the project, the artist seeks to reintroduce gentleness into their lives, using visuals that express both chaos and order. With exploration and courage as its central themes, the work is about allowing ourselves to make mistakes along the path we choose to follow.

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