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Omer Gaash T-Shirt

  • Designer: Omer Gaash

    Omer Gaash is a 39 years old Israeli artist, based in London. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, in 2011, where I received a B.A. in visual communication, and became a Graphic designer focusing on branding for companies, startups and culture institutions. Graduated his M.A. in Design Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths University of London (2022), focusing on fine art photography.

    In his practice Omer aspires to explore the human body in relation to itself, others and their surroundings. As part of his visual exploration, Gaash creates patterns structured with the human body addressing them as shapes to what he calls "NudeTextures".

    Omer strongly feels that his work is beyond the glorification of the human body; it is a quest to complement both the place and the body as a symbiotic system.

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